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In an effort to change the marketplace and shake up resellers, we offer users a chance to join our VIP area of the site. We have been successful in purchasing every single Yeezy in bulk amounts and we are now sharing this info with our VIP members. We are a concierge service for copping exclusive sneakers with live customer support and have a proven track record of getting shoes at retail. That is just the surface of RSC and our VIP club as you will soon find out after becoming a member; we cop and flip absolutely everything.

We offer the tools and education to get you started making a profit in the resell game or beefing up your sneaker collection. We look for members who are serious about what they do and only want people who are going to be positive contributions to our community. There is nothing like Resell Cartel out there and we are forever evolving and becoming stronger as a team.

Stop paying resell prices.

Find out more here.


We provide legit checks to the best of our judgement, but we can only make an educated guess on the pictures you provide. The VIP area is a collection of sneakerheads who frequently cop rare sneakers, but again we can only provide information and guarantee nothing other than that. Our VIP section provides information that helps purchase exclusive sneakers and there is no guarantee of a success. Cancellation of your billing agreement will result in immediate cancellation of your account for security purposes. You are not guaranteed access to Slack chat if we deem you to be a problem or an inactive member.