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What is a sneaker proxy? 


To answer what a sneaker proxy is, let us assume that if you’re reading this article you may not know what a proxy is. A proxy is an IP address that routes your home connection through another IP address (that IP address is the proxy). Once your connection is being routed through that proxy, your location and all information will be passed through that connection. This isn’t a question of dedicated proxies vs sneaker proxies , but a question of residential proxies vs data centre proxies. We will explain the differences, where to buy sneaker proxies and explain what a sneaker proxy is.


What is a sneaker proxy?


Why do people use sneaker proxies ?

People buy sneaker proxies to spoof their location or bypass a websites one per customer policy. By using multiple proxies, you can make it appear as if multiple customers are buying sneakers, but really it is just you spoofing your identity across multiple IP addresses. The best proxies for bots are ones that are specifically tailored for sneaker sites because there is a variety of factors that make a normal proxy, a “sneaker proxy”.

How to choose a sneaker proxy

There is two types of popular sneaker proxies : residential proxies and datacenter proxies; each is different in how it should be used and they each have advantages/disadvantages. The first thing you need to decide is how you’re going to be using the proxies.

Data Center Sneaker Proxies:

If you are running a bot and want to leave it running non-stop for hours at a time, you would want to choose datacenter proxies. Datacenter proxies do not charge for bandwidth so they are ideal for consistent usage over long periods of time. The problem with data centre proxies is they are easier to detect and ban by websites since they often follow a generic pattern.

Residential Sneaker Proxies:

This is where residential proxies come into play as they route your connection through a real person’s computer as opposed to a server specifically made for proxies. Residential proxies will make you appear more “human” to a website and have less chance of being detected. The downside to these proxies is there is only so many residential connections in the world, so a lot of services will bottleneck due to over usage; residential proxies were much more successful before they became popular. Another downside to residential proxies is your bandwidth is monitored so they are optimally ran for short periods of time or else you will hit your bandwidth cap rapidly and may have to pay overage fees.


Where to buy a sneaker proxy ?

If you’re looking for high quality data center sneaker proxies, we do provide them. head over to if you’re interested in purchasing through us. There is a number of other excellent sneaker proxy providers. Our personal recommendation is Your Private Proxy . They have extremely fast sneaker proxies and their customer service is amazing as well. Another good provider is Squid Proxies , they are less sneaker focused but offer good deals and reliable customer service as well.

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