Basic Rules:

  • No Spamming the chat.
  • No racism, homophobia or cyber-bullying of ANY kind.
  • Political discussion is allowed if it remains respectful and thoughtful.
  • No “pump-fakes” in chat (example: “Yeezy restocked! Just kidding!).
  • No Twitter posts in chat allowed on release nights unless verified by admin team.
  • Arrogant personalities will be dealt with, be a team player.
  • No username changes without administrator permission.
  • No leaking (if caught, you will banned for life without refund).
  • Do not beg for retail price unless offered to you (also known as an “OOP”).
  • Please respect our admin and dev team as they work hard to ensure you get shoes.
  • If you get through Adidas splash, always save the page and DM an admin/dev immediately (@leinadz , @jesper, @elchapo , @scott , @d0minic ).
  • Don’t be shy ! Get to know other members.

  Slack Channels:

  • #importantinfo – Only use this channel if you have a dire piece of information you want all  VIP members to see. Abuse of this channel can result in a temporary ban.
  • #media – Music, videos, memes or anything else of that nature can be posted here.
  • #proxysupport – This channel is used to provide support for our in house proxy service.
  • #questionsandbotchat – All questions related to bots, setup, shipping or anything else can be asked here.
  • #saleandtrade – Use this channel to sell your items or trade (fair prices please and use threads!)
  • #cryptocurrency – All talk related to trading Crypto
  • #dtmonitor – Custom slack bots and integrations will tested/used here. Page monitor active in this channel
  • #vipchat –  The main channel and the backbone of RSC. All chatter can be found here. Please follow the rules.
  • #videogames –  Nerd talk! Hurrah !
  • #localevents – All release dates or events specific to a city posted here.
  • #strictlybusiness – Non time sensitive posts that are important are listed here


  • Preparation: This is the most important factor in whether you will cop a limited release or not. People who show up the night before a drop will most likely catch an L, you need to put in work and make sure you know your plan of attack and how you will overcome problems (address problems, payment verification, proxy issues, etc). You pay to be here so make full use of the community and all the tools we offer; if this isn’t what you’re here for you might be better suited paying for a cart service.
  • Proxies: A proxy will allow you to hide your location via routing your connection through another computers IP address. Proxies are essential if you are running a bot to buy shoes or plan on purchasing shoes on international Adidas sites. If you are using proxies, you ideally want to match your proxy location to the same location as your server (or home computer) Please ask any additional questions in the #questionandbot Slack channel.
  • Virtual Servers: Most bots and shoe related software requires an extremely fast internet connection and a very powerful PC to power it. By using a server, you can remotely connect to a Windows interface and run your software on the “VPS”. This allows both OSX and Windows users to run software with ease and eliminates the needs for OSX users to use bootcamp. For a video tutorial on setting up servers, please refer to the RSC Wiki .
  • Resell Cartel Chrome Extension: This tool has been our bread and butter for some time and we have constantly updated our software to keep up with the changing sneaker game. Currently we have two versions of the extension: One for Adidas only and the other to backdoor boutiques and create Shopify links. To utilise the backdoor functions outside of Adidas, you need will a product ID that can be found in chat sometimes. The Adidas extension is in the BETA phase right now so please be patient with our dev team. To install the ext all you need to do is the following: Open Chrome, go to extensions, enable developer mode, load unpacked extensions and point it towards the “ext” folder.
  • Don’t be afraid to fail: You should get comfortable looking at page source codes, the network tab in Chrome and the Inspect Element function. This is a great way to learn how websites are built and function; in time you will be able to start solving your own backdoor solutions the more you practice.
  • Payment Options: Always be ready to have a backup plan for your backup plan when it comes to using payment methods to buy shoes. Adidas will block familiar cards that they have black listed and PayPal can be a huge gamble. The best services to use in most instances is Privacy or Final. These two services allow you to generate disposable credit card numbers that pull funds from your bank giving you the ability to create unique payment info every time.
  • Address forwarding : If you don’t have an address in Europe there is many places you can use to forward packages. The preferred method of RSC is Skypax but a free option is Forward 2 Me.