The Simple Luxury Shoe Guide

2019 has been a big year for men luxury shoes and people looking to buy luxury shoes online. Previously, men’s fashion centered around casual sneakers and generic leather shoes but now luxury shoes have taken a front seat in men’s fashion; gone are the days of Yeezy’s and here are the days of Gucci sneakers.


However, the dawn of luxury sneakers happened fast and most men aren’t prepared to let the shoes enter their wardrobe yet (think “money doesn’t equal style” and you will know what we are referring to). The last thing you want to do is spend an obscene amount of money on some luxury shoes simply because they are branded, you need to find your personal style and pick the pair that is right for you. We will review the world of luxury sneakers and will show you where to buy them.

This article will help you identify iconic luxury shoe brands and silhouettes that are worth you swiping that credit card at your local boutique.


Red Bottom Loubs

Red Bottoms, a classic luxury shoe.


Fashion Sneakers vs Luxury Shoes

These terms are one in the same, but for the purpose of this article we will refer to luxury shoes as a less casual shoe compared to what we would call a fashion sneaker. Brands such as Prada and Givenchy were traditionally known for leather shoes and high quality boots but have recently started to introduce “fashion sneakers” into their lineups. Luxury shoe brands saw that there was a hole in their marketing as customers were leaving their stores for places like Foot Locker. Foot locker traditionally only sells affordable casual sneakers and high performance shoes for athletes, but the market was thirsty for exclusive casual sneakers; this is where luxury brands got wise and started including a more casual line of shoes in their boutiques.

Saint Laurent Wyatt SSENSE 

A classic silhouette, the Saint Laurent Wyatt 40 is a perfect example of a luxury shoe/boot.





This is a great example of a brand like Saint Laurent adapting to street style and releasing a casual sneaker. They even took the liberty of adding some sharpie style graffiti to the sole.




Where to buy luxury shoes?

Buying luxury shoes should be a purchase that you take time considering. Most luxury shoes are quite expensive, reaching above $1000 in most cases. The first step you are going to want to do is research the boutique you’re planning on purchasing from. Luxury shoes are the most faked product in the fashion world as many luxury shoes have simple details that are iconic to the brand they represent.

For example, Louboutin is known for their red bottom soles on all their luxury sneakers which is a feature that can be easily replicated on a non-authentic pair. To the amateur luxury sneaker buyer, these shoes will look indistinguishable to the authentic item so you must pay attention to the small details to ensure the pair of shoes your buying is legit. Luckily for you, we have reviewed many luxury shoe stores that sell pairs online, so you can be sure the pair your buying is authentic.

Click the link to read our review of the stores in question. These stores have been reviewed by us to be 100% legit and do not sell fake items.

SSENSE – Luxury Online Shopping Canada


Matches Fashion


Best Luxury Mens Dress Shoes

If you’re trying to flex at work or that formal event, there is no better way than some subtle luxury shoes that go with the company attire. However, luxury style are going to vary from person to person, so these are just our personal recommendations for a few different luxury shoe styles.

Ultra Formal –Saint Laurent Black Montaigne Derbys

These are perfect for someone in an ultra formal job setting such as a lawyer or car salesmen, where physical appearance counts towards your salary in theory. These would need to be polished regularly and realistically might be better paired with a tuxedo as opposed to a work suit, so these may be on the extreme side.


VersatileThom Browne Black Crepe Classic Longwing Brogues

Thom Browne is the king of classic silhouettes with a luxury flair. These black brogues are casual, yet formal and could be paired with any style of pant. So whether your job calls for jeans or some formal slacks, these Thom Browne longwing brogues will have you covered.


Casual and Classy –Prada Black Slip On Sneakers

These Prada slips on are fantastic for work or any casual event. They have a slick look to them like a leather loafer but with the comfort of a slip on sneaker. The subtle Prada logo on the side lets everyone know you’re a designer fiend now, rest assured!

Our favorite Fashion Sneakers

Now that we have covered some of our favorite luxury mens dress shoes, lets move onto fashion sneakers. Something a little more casual to wear on a Sunday that lets people know you care about fashion no matter what the outfit is like.

The Ultimate Dad Shoe- Balenciaga Triple S Sneakers

Forgive us if you haven’t seen this shoe from Balenciaga yet, because it is quite weird to look at one first glance. At first look, they appear to be a pair of your grandfathers shoes he uses to mow the lawn. These are known as the Balenciaga Triple S and they took the fashion world by storm ushering in the “dad shoe era”. They are actually quite comfortable and made from high quality materials, so flex your dad style with confidence.

Essential Luxury Sneaker – Common Projects Achilles Low Sneakers 

These are essential to every mans wardrobe, the Common Project Achilles low. These are simple, high quality and timeless due to the classic silhouette. You can pair this is any kind of out fit and we dare you to find something these look bad with. They are a little bit expensive for a simple sneaker, but they are Italian quality so the price is justified.


Where to buy cheap luxury shoes?

This is an oxymoron by definition, but if you want to pick up some designer brands for less check out TJ Maxx . They offer designer brands for below retail prices and all of it is 100% authentic. We recently did a review on their store, you can find that article linked below:

Is Tj Maxx legit? A guide to Tj Maxx