Tj Maxx is one of the most popular department stores in the United States. However, the discounts have been so good lately people are wondering if Tj Maxx is legit.

This article will help to explore the claims of Tj Maxx selling fake items.


is tj maxx legit ?


What is Tj Maxx?

Tj Maxx is a popular North American department store that sells mens and womens clothing. Founded in 1973, Tj Maxx has been a staple of American consumers for 43 years providing high quality customer service and a huge selection of items outside of clothing. Outside of clothing, Tj Maxx also sells footwear, bedding and domestics, furniture and giftware. Even with Amazon and other online stores, Tj Maxx has done a good job at establishing itself as a legitimate department store even in an era of stiff competition. Tj Maxx is owned by the same company that owns Homesense and Marshalls, two companies known for deep discounts on high end brand names.



Made In Italy Leather Sneakers

Givenchy shoes below retail price @ Tj Maxx

What brands does Tj Maxx carry?

Tj Maxx carries a wide variety of brand names from inexpensive items all the way up to designer fashion. For the average consumer looking for low cost options, you can often find such brands as Nike, Adidas, Asics, Sketchers and New Balance well below retail prices when compared to a brick and mortar shoe store. If you’re looking for designer items, they do carry brands such as Givenchy, Nautica, GUCCI and Balenciaga however they hide the designer names so Google cannot crawl them. Once you’re on a product page, there will be a button that allows you to reveal the brand name of the item. This is a well kept secret that Tj Maxx carries designer fashion at a huge discount.

Does Tj Maxx sell fakes?

No, Tj Maxx does not sell fake items. They only sell legitimate products. We can understand why some people would think the items might be fake because they are such low prices but we can ensure it’s all 100% real. Tj Maxx buys in bulk and sells some “flawed” items that didn’t pass the designers quality check standards. Most of these “flaws” are minor and unnoticeable to the naked eye but not acceptable for a full retail designer piece of clothing.


Is Tj Maxx legit?

Yes, Tj Maxx is legit and is a great place to find top designer fashions at a low price.


is tj maxx legit?

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