Sport Chek is a popular Canadian big box sports store, but our readers are wondering if they are legit?

This article will review the store and their merchandise to help you determine if they’re legit or not.


is Sportchek legit?

What is Sport Chek ?

Sport Chek is a Canadian sports store that sells most popular sports brands such as Nike, Adidas, Under Armour and Reebok. Founded in 1999, they can be found in most malls and many different towns with their headquarters residing in Calgary Alberta. Sport Chek has a strong relationship with major brands so we can ensure our readers that their products and shoes are legitimate.

What does Sport Chek sell ?

Sport Chek is home to clothing and accessories for all sports or hobbies. They have a vast product catalog that includes items for the following sports: Golf, Hockey, Volleyball, Soccer, Mountain Biking, Boxing, MMA, and so much more. Although they carry items for all sports, the items tend to be of an entry level quality. This is fine for most athletes who play sports at a casual level, but if you’re looking for niche or elite tier equipment you may want to shop at a smaller more specialized store.

Does Sport Chek sell fakes ?

No, Sport Chek does not sell fake items. They are a trusted Canadian brand and have rock solid relationships with the top sports brands in the industry. Sport Chek would not illegitimate merchandise to make a small margin with the risk of losing their trusted partnerships.

Where can I get Sport Chek discount codes ?

Sport Chek discount codes can be found when you subscribe to their email list. You will often be mailed promotional discount codes so keep an eye on your inbox. Head over to their site to signup 

Does Sport Chek have free shipping ?

Yes, Sport Chek has free shipping on a lot of items. However, you must spend a minimum of $50 to get free shipping at Sport Chek. As stated on their website:

  • Free shipping offer applies to order’s of $50 or more.
  • Free shipping credit will be shown on order summary if applied.
  • A maximum credit toward’s shipping cost of $20 will be applied during checkout.
  • Customer will be charged the balance of shipping costs above $20.


Does Sport Chek have an online store?

Yes, Sport Chek does most of their business through retail locations however you can shop online as well. To navigate to Sport Chek from this article, click the icon below.


is sport chek legit