Our readers are asking: is Nomad Outdoors legit?

We will review Nomad Outdoors to find out their story and what they sell. By the end of this article you will know if they’re legit or not.

is nomad outdoors legit?

is nomad outdoors legit

Who owns Nomad Outdoors?

Nomad Outdoors is apart of a collective group of stores that sell hunting and fishing supplies. Nomad Outdoors is owned by HUK Gear and aims to provide low cost hunting apparel for men. There does not appear to be one single owner of Nomad Outdoors from what we can tell. They are looking to go head to head with brands like Under Armour that have taken a foothold in the hunting world lately.

Nomad Apparel camouflage

Nomad Outdoors Hunting Apparel

With a strong focus on hunting camouflage, Nomad Outdoors has high quality white tail, big game and turkey camouflage at very low prices. In our reviews, the quality was tough and durable which was a surprise considering how affordable their hunting apparel is; this is our new favorite spot for outdoor gear! Aside from clothing, they have a wide variety of hunting accessories in matching camouflage. You can pick up hats, gloves, socks and thermal underwear as well so all your attire can match.

What types of camouflage do they stock?

Dunn, Cottonwood, Harvester, Big game, lifestyle clothing, turkey, rain gear, wind and winter gear. They also offer all of these camouflages in women’s sizes as well.


Mid Season White Tail Jacket from Nomad Outdoors

Mid Season White Tail Jacket from Nomad Outdoors

Nomad Outdoors Sales?

To catch your favorite hunting apparel on sale, you’ll have to check Nomad Outdoors frequently before the sale items sell out. They do not announce when they begin sale season and items seem to randomly go on sale every once in a while. Our advice is to just check Nomad Outdoors website once a week and sort the prices from highest -> lowest. This should give you an idea of what items are on sale so you won’t miss out on any hot deals. If you’re looking to save 6% at Nomad Outdoors, check out the coupon code we posted below that will give you a discount.

Nomad Outdoors Coupon Code

The easiest way to save 6% on all sales at Nomad Outdoors, is to sign up for eBatesEbates is free and offers 6% cash back on all purchases made on Nomad Outdoors. They don’t offer coupon codes outside of this, so eBates is the best form of a discount code for Nomad Outdoors. Try it out at the sign up link below !


Nomad Outdoors Coupon – March 2019 


Is Nomad Outdoors legit?

Yes, Nomad Outdoors is legit from what we can tell. They are up against a monster of an industry trying to break into the hunting apparel business against giants like Under Armour. However, we think their quality and customer service speaks for it self and they should do just fine in the market. Make sure you’re using our tip to get discounts at Nomad Outdoors so you can save even more money on their sale items. We hope this article makes you feel more comfortable shopping at Nomad Outdoors. If we missed anything important in this article or you have comments about the items we reviewed, please reach out to us.


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