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We just wanted to give everyone a quick update on Resell Cartel and whats coming up next.


We had another amazing month with the VIP program, eating on a ton of exclusive releases (including the Just Don 2 Beach) and many other features were added to our site. The VIP program has grown into a valuable community of sneakerheads and resellers of all products sharing information technically worth thousands of dollars; all our of VIP members are amazing and work together to find solutions to problems. With the integration of our live chat room and forums we expect this culture to grow and develop further. When Resell Cartel was started we couldn’t imagine it’s growing into what it is and we are extremely humble that it has gained so much traction (we have hit almost 100,000 views since launch). The bot companies also took notice of RSC and offered exclusive discount codes to our VIP members in case they wanted a BOT as backup for copping; the value of our site is growing every day.

Some big releases coming up in February and we have no doubt it will be a feast for our VIP’s. Stay tuned for the multiple Yeezy releases, Jordan x OVO 10, WC4 and many more drops.