Resell Cartel: 2015 Wrap Up / 2016 Moving Forward 

A total of Six Kanye West X Adidas Yeezy releases happened in 2015. That’s Six opportunities to rejoice in pure ecstasy, or crumple in utter disdain. The folks here at Resell Cartel have done fairly well for ourselves on these releases, and we wanted to share the wealth of knowledge and strategies that helped us successfully cop at least 9 pairs per release. (The best of which being the Black 750’s in late December, where we were able to secure a total of 37 pairs between 17 members.) 

We started as a chat group of Internet forum, sneaker and fashion enthusiasts just looking for a place to interact, share info & go to get a free ‘Legit Check’ on a pair of Jordans or Yeezys. However, that quickly evolved into the idea to cultivate a  community of dedicated, honest, reliable buyers and sellers for sneakers. The Resell Cartel ‘Seal of Approval’ was created along with Rating Systems where we aggregate all ratings, reviews and data from websites such as Grailed, eBay, Instagram. 

The website took off pretty quickly. A lot faster than the Founder and I could have imagined. It was seriously dope as hell to see the feedback. We were welcomed warmly by several online communities and Internet forums, criticized by a few, but overall it was incredible and encouraging seeing so many people with similar visions.

We wanted to take a minute to, first of all, thank everybody for the support they’ve given the site. Whether you’re one of our early adopting 50 VIP Members or a Lurker just looking for a leg up on the next Yeezy release, WE APPRECIATE YOU. You smart. You Loyal. And we appreciate dat. 

Looking back on 2015, in terms of sneaker releases, it was a good year for a lot of people. Not only did we see 6 YEEZY Boost releases, we were blessed with the Adidas Ultra Boost Colorways of the year, insane Jordan 1 Collabs, Oreo 4’s (a personal favorite of mine), the Adidas NMD Runners, along with a bevy, no, a PLETHORA, of great kicks. That’s a $5 Vocabulary word for ya bihhhh. Look that shit up in Websters, fam. 

Our point is this: There were a lot of great sneakers that came out in 2015, and although ResellCartel was only there for about 25% of the releases, we want you all to know that we will be your #1 source of reliable, current and TRANSPARENT information in 2016. Whether you’re a fan of high end designer Chelsea boots (where my Common Projects/ BV fam at!?) , checkerboard Vans slip-ons or the Yeezy Boosts, we got your back. 

The VIP section will be expanding from our original 50 members beginning in January 2016, and we plan to expand to a couple hundred. We do, however, want to make sure we are providing a great value to every single one of our VIP’s and our Cartel Members, so we need your feedback. Let us know what you’d like to see more of on the site. Tell us know other releases you’d like help with! Fill us in if you like our logo or if our Font sucks, or if you want to get involved with the Cartel Gang. 

We have a lot of big things planned for Resell Cartel in 2016. Raffles for Retail prices & Below ?, Custom Backdoor Links, strategy guides and much more. We sincerely hope you are excited to be part of something that will disrupt the Footwear Market as a whole, in the best way possible. 

This is Riles OG and El Chapo the Cook, your Editor in motha fucking Chief, signing off. ??????