It’s been a while since we have posted an update (we have been non-stop flipping and stacking racks). RSC has changed so much in the last two months in ways we could never imagine. It went from the admin team being the positive force to the whole community generating and sharing that energy now. Integrating a structured live chat platform helped stimulate the evolution of our VIP program as it encouraged collective growth; this also helps generate live feedback on what needs to be addressed.

Four months ago we were strictly focused on getting Yeezys but we have now grown into every section of the retail market; anything with margin will be bought by us to help spike inflation. RSC is a massive buying power force now which has real influence on the reseller market. We continue to see members grow and help improve The Cartel on a daily basis.

We can’t wait to see where we are at in another months time!



– Chapo