Reddit won’t get Yeezys 


How do you get sneakers with a bot? Don’t ask Reddit that question unless you want a swift ban. If you have spent some time browsing the various sub reddits related to sneakers, you will be all too familiar with the anti reseller culture. There is a strong political stance that reselling is wrong and shoes should only be bought and sold at retail price among the sneakerhead subreddits; not all users abide by this mentality but majority shared this sentiment. When you crush freedom of speech, especially in a business environment you will squash any creativity and sales growth. In short: Reddit is moving with the times because of their white knight opinion regarding the reselling industry.


The problem really is held within the belief that bots and software are somehow tied to reselling only when that isn’t the case. You can use a bot to grab that one pair of Yeezys if you want to, it’s not a requirement to to bot and resell ; the two are correlated but not directly related.  The admins need to take a step back and reassess their vision for the community because if they truly want people to get shoes at retail they need to fight fire with fire and start to match resell powerhouses like us. Many of the members inside Resell Cartel buy shoes for retail just for personal use and not to resell at all, which clearly shoes there can be harmony between both ideologies.


In saying that, keep your head in the sand because it helps groups like ours if you don’t adapt. You are a perfect part of the re-sell ecosystem and if you’d like to stay a bottom feeder, we won’t complain