Resell Cartel has a long history of success in the resell game and no other group or service has been able to share the wealth like Resell Cartel has. Every single one of our members buy Yeezys and anything else they desire for retail prices. We are a cohesive community that follows procedure and rules to ensure our strength. Our development team has never let our VIP members down and they work tirelessly to ensure the demands of our members are met.

If you’re reading this article you already know what we’re about…

  1. DO NOT APPLY if you don’t understand what we do. Do your research, or your application goes to the bottom of the pile. We expect that all applicants have read this (About RSC VIP)
  2. Referral from a current member will help your chances of getting in
  3. You DO NOT need to be a programmer to be a good asset to our team
  4. BE PATIENT , the wait list is long because very few member leave and we have a capped member limit. Once your spot in line comes up, do not miss your chance or else it will be given to the person next on the list.
  5. DO NOT spam our inbox asking when we are letting people in.


If you follow those 5 rules, you have a higher chance of getting in than someone who didn’t read this. You may never get your turn on the waitlist, but if you do… the wait is well worth it. If you’d like to apply, click below.