• The Introduction
  • Q&A Document
  • Bot Talk
  • What is a Shoe Bot?
  • Dedicated Server
  • Virtual Private Server(VPS)
  • Add­To­Cart Services
  • Internet Proxies
  • Choosing The Right Bot
  • Recommended Bots
  • Servers
  • Price
  • Processor Speed and Cores
  • Storage
  • RAM
  • Network Speed and Location
  • Bandwidth
  • Recommended Server Specifications
  • Recommended Server Providers
  • Connecting to the Server
  • Add­To­Cart
  • Recommended ATC services
  • @InstantCarts
  • Proxies
  • Ping
  • Location
  • Pricing
  • Dedicated vs Non­Dedicated
  • Recommended Proxy Providers
  • Backdoors
  • Shopify
  • ENDClothing
  • Other Sites
  • Page Monitoring
  • Restocks
  • Footsites
  • Privacy ­ Multiple Cards ­ International Purchases
  • International Shipping ­ Reshippers
  • Bot Usage Tips
  • How to know whether to sleep or buy
  • Price
  • Quantity
  • Hype
  • Pre­Sales
  • Where and How to Sell Quickly
  • Protecting Yourself When Selling Online


The Introduction

There are a few fundamental things that you must understand to get into

the ‘sneaker game’. One of the first things that you have to understand is

that not every shoe is able to be sold for major profit. Off the top of my

head, the only shoes that are guaranteed to make you profit off ridiculous

resell prices are Yeezy’s, some Supreme shoe collaborations, limited

Adidas Consortium releases and some Nike Draw releases.

If the shoe you are looking to resell does not fall under one of these

categories, then you need to prepare yourself mentally for profiting only

$40­$70 a shoe. This is often the case for most Jordan releases. However,

due to the massive market demand, a profit in that range is almost

guaranteed and so buying any amount of Jordan’s in this day and age is

like a very strong investment. Because of this major demand, resellers are

able to do things like what is pictured below with very little risk:

As the above pictures depict, people who are interested in making

money often buy up as many pairs as they can. In the case of the first

picture, there are 46 pairs of Jordan 12 French Blue shoes. Taking the

lowest possible amount you are willing to profit at about $40, that would

come out to nearly $1840 profit. Yes, you will have $8740 of charges on all

of your cards combined, but if placed at market value, the shoes would sell

very quickly due to the market demand and the fact that they sold out in

minutes online.

Now take into account that Jordan often releases a ‘hyped’

release/colorway at least once a month, that gives plenty of opportunity to

make some good money. Just to see the numbers played out, lets say

every month you bought 15 pairs of Jordans to resell, and you make $40

profit on each pair. In the span of a year, that would mean you profited

$7200 in just Jordans that year, or $600 a release. Keep in mind, this is a

low profit compared to what we really want to accomplish. Obviously some

releases sell for much more, you could be pushing more than 15 pairs a

month and this is also a conservative number.

An example of a release that sold for a bit more than typical Jordan

resell prices would be the Master 12 release in February of 2016.

According to StockX, an online sneaker stock market, the average

deadstock price of a pair of Master 12’s is around $368! Retail was $190,

and so after fees and shipping, a total profit of about over $100 per pair is

very reasonable. This is assuming shipping would cost $15 and a high fee

of 10% is charged on the sale of the shoe depending on the site it was sold

  1. Just to save you some math, 15 pairs of Master 12’s could have easily

netted you $1500 assuming you sold for $100 profit on each, again, a low


Now, taking the figure we calculated previously, the $7200. Yes, that

may seem like a lot, but we can do better. This figure doesn’t include the

limited releases, nor the resell money that you can make on clothing as

well. Both of these additions can raise that yearly profit past the

$20k($20,000) mark. I have seen many reseller’s eclipse the $30k mark

and above. Now, you aren’t going to be pulling in $30k your first year, let’s

not get ahead of ourselves here, but you can certainly start somewhere

where you are making very good money and build up to that $30k and even

higher past that.

Just to give you a quick demonstration of how selling a very limited

sneaker such as the Yeezy 750 could net you major profit, watch some of

these numbers I’m about to throw at you. The Yeezy 750 tan variant is a

shoe that retailed for $350, and according to StockX, the average

deadstock selling price is $2,986. We are talking about over $2000 in profit

on one shoe! If you were able to acquire 10 pairs of 750’s, congrats, you

just hit the $20k mark for the year. That’s not including every other Yeezy,

Jordan, Palace and Supreme release for that year. So, if you really are

doubting making the big bucks…don’t. It is very possible and after some

time learning the game, you can be doing it too.

In case you have any questions about the contents of this guide or

anything related to the sneaker game, I have a special question and

answer document that only you are allowed to edit. Here is a link to it and

feel free to ask a question or even answer yourself! Please do not share

this link with anyone as this is an editable document for those that have the



Q&A Document

Questions and Answers Document: https://goo.gl/92L2Mw


Bot Talk

Now, I know you are wondering… “Yeah, I could make all this

money, but how hell do I do it? I want to know!” Well, here is where I get

down and dirty with the details and how using sneaker bots, virtual private

servers, add­to­cart services(atc), and anonymous internet proxies can

help make you money. Now, if none of those words made any sense to

you, don’t worry, they don’t have to. I will briefly explain what each one

does and why you need them. In addition to that information, I will provide

you with some of the top services for each respective category.

Below are some explanations of common terms that you should know.


What is a Shoe Bot?

A shoe bot is a computer program that takes your personal checkout

information and quickly submits it to a website, automatically ordering a

shoe or item for you. The amount of time is usually in milliseconds(ms).


Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is an actual physical computer that you have full

control over and you are not sharing resources with others. The benefits of

a dedicated server include super fast high speed connections, and low

ping. Ping being the amount of time it takes for a computer to send an

action to a webserver and then receive a response. Lower ping and higher

speed internet directly correlates with a faster checkout speed and much

better chances at securing the shoes you want. Connections to dedicated

server systems are done via Remote Desktop, a process in which you log

into the computer remotely from your own computer.


Virtual Private Server(VPS)

A virtual private server, or VPS, is a virtual server/computer that runs

concurrently with other virtual servers on a single machine. The benefits of

a VPS include the same as a dedicated server with one important

difference to take note of. Since you are using a VPS, you are sharing

resources of one computer! This means you are sharing internet speeds

which would give you lower speed as a result. Since our main purpose of

using a server is to have the best connection possible, dedicated servers

are preferred over VPS’s.


Add­To­Cart Services

This is a service in which you give all of your details to a 3rd party.

You give your card details, name and address to someone so that they

may use your information in their own bot setup. They run you a slot in their

bot and you have a very good chance at getting your item. This is because

an established atc service will have a reputable setup to get as many shoes

as possible for up to as many slots as they can run without bogging down

their setup. This isn’t the case for all atc services, but the more reliable

services do and those will be listed later on.


Internet Proxies

A proxy or proxies are essentially a computerized version of a

middleman. Instead of your computer connecting directly to the website,

your computer would connect to a proxy and then to the website. The

benefits of this include anonymous browsing and multi location access. You

could have 10 internet proxies located all over the US and when a shoe site

see’s those 10 different connections, it won’t assume they are coming from

the same person. This is essential when trying to secure multiple pairs of

anything online. The downside of proxies is the reduced ping time as you

are including more delay in the process. Depending on the proxies you

purchased, the delay could be from 10ms to 400ms. The graphic below

depicts the role of a proxy and how it acts as a middle­man.


Choosing The Right Bot

As far as services go, here are some links that I am ordering in terms

of personal preference. Once again, the ranking is quite subjective, but all

of these services are very good in their own right. Top of the list is what I

am considering the best option, while the bottom is not necessarily the

worst, but they are still valid options in terms of what your price range is.

One thing that separates all of these bots from one another would

have to be the customer service. In most situations, I would not have to

mention this portion because you would assume every bot creator would

support their users very well….well that is not the case for every bot out

there. There are some creators that are more willing to support their

customers and their product.

For starters, if you plan on buying from BetterNikeBot(BNB) don’t

expect anything for customer service. They rarely respond to emails and

tweets. For the most part you are on your own with them. However, one

thing that I will say about BNB is that it is highly supported and works very

well due to constant updates and additions from the creator. Despite very

lackluster customer support, product support is certainly strong with this

bot. As I mentioned before, there are instructionals on BNB’s YouTube

channel, instructions for every major release and a very detailed

documentation section on its website. However, if you cannot seem to get

things down from those sources of information you will have to look to other

users to get more detailed information on how to use the bot to its full


Although that may seem like an awkward jab at BNB, I personally

have gotten the silent treatment from them on many occasions and I won’t

forget it. I am very willing to turn my shoulder to them and have moved onto

other services that are much more willing to be even a small resource to


Aside from BNB, most other bot creators are much more willing to

offer assistance with their services. Personally, and from what I have seen

from others, some of the top services in terms of customer and product

support would have to be HeatedSneaks, AnotherNikeBot(ANB) and

EasyCop. I will be including more information about these bots later on in

the document, so stay tuned. Below is a list of some of the best bots on the

market currently.


Recommended Bots









I mentioned what a dedicated server is above and if you are still

confused, feel free to check out some of the sites I will be listing below and

read some of the information that they have posted. When it comes to

purchasing a dedicated server or VPS, there are a few things to take into


Just so we are all on the same page here, let me explain what all of

this means and how it matters to us.



This is a very important category due to the fact that you will be using

a server for every release you can and if you can save money, do it! One of

the best ways to save money on a server is to better understand what you

really need for your purposes. Right up front, you do not need the

monstrous x2 sniper elite 360 server for $500 a month. As I explain the

categories you will understand why.

One other thing to include in this section is that sometimes paying

hourly for a server is highly beneficial towards cost savings! The benefits of

purchasing hourly include not having to pay the high monthly cost if you are

not utilizing your server the entire month. Typical hourly rates will be

around the 6­12 cent per hour mark. If you plan on paying monthly for a

server, be prepared to pay around $40­$60 a month for a good server


Some things to note about paying hourly for a server would include

mentioning that you must destroy your server after using it. This wipes the

server and disconnects you from any future access. It stops your costs

from accruing as well and you won’t pay anything further from there. In

addition to that though, whenever you would like to use your server

provider again, you would have to create another server instance. This

would include reinstalling all of your programs and any other necessary

items that you would need on your computer for typical bot usage.

This brings up an important issue that needs to be mentioned as well

when paying hourly. If you have a bot that uses serial keys for activation,

you must deactivate your bot on your server before destroying! Otherwise,

your key will be permanently tied to a computer that you are never ever

going to get access to again. From there you would have to contact your

bot creator and get your key reset, and that is not an easy task. So, let’s

just avoid that all together and make sure you take care of your keys.

In addition to having to reinstall your bots, maybe Google chrome and

other programs…you may have some requirements for your system to even

run. Most bots need the latest .NET framework from microsoft and some

servers are not always the most up to date with their firmware versions. I

know for a fact that BNB needs .NET 3.5 to run and here is a trick to get it

quickly. On your server, open up Windows Powershell and paste this code

into the command prompt:

Install­WindowsFeature NET­Framework­Core ­Source D:\sources\sxs

For BNB users let that run and you should be good to go after it installs. If

you would like to read more about it here is a link explaining it more in



Now, there are two more major things to keep in mind. Because you

are on a server, security is going to be high and you are going to be slightly

restricted at first through some server providers. By this I mean the server

settings are not going to allow you to visit websites on your server without

asking your permission for every single site and link you attempt to visit.

There is an easy solution for this problem if you are on a server that does

this. Here are the steps below, just be sure to startup the Server Manager

application first:

Go to Local Server > IE Enhanced Security Configuration Setting > Off

The last thing for the server that we must take into consideration is

dealing with browsing sites on the server itself. Most sites have actually

blocked most of the subnets that server providers use for their service and

so you won’t be able to access some sites like Supreme or Nike. An easy

way around this is by using proxies. So if you are using a bot, be sure to

not use your local IP as it will most likely be banned already. Proxies are

necessary on a server.

Keep in mind that if you are paying monthly, you would only have to

do this once! However, if you go the hourly route, you would have to do this

every time you create a new instance of your server. Personally, I don’t

mind paying hourly as I can setup my server very quickly now. I can create,

setup and have my server good to go within 10 minutes now and that

includes the time takes for the server to initially setup. Going hourly or

monthly just depends on how willing you are to deal with steps to setup a

server for initial use. That is something I cannot answer for you and you

have to deem if it’s worth your time.


Processor Speed and Cores

For those that are unfamiliar, the processor is the main computing

unit in your server. It takes instructions, computes them and spits them out.

The biggest factor that you have to worry about is how many cores you are

paying for, since that is often how price is broken down. Right off the bat I

am letting you know that the law of diminishing returns is strong here. As

far as bots go, they do not need a lot of processing power! If you break

down what a bot actually does, it takes very little processing power. For this

reason, you can get by with looking at purchasing a server package with 2

cores, and at max 4 cores! Anything higher and you are paying a premium

for snake oil. Here’s a nifty analogy for you…if you have a steady stream of

water that flows into a pipe that leads into a sewer, you are not going to

increase the rate at which it flows into the sewer by making the pipe larger.

The stream is still going to be the same size and the pipe will make no

difference, the only time it would make a difference is if the pipe was too

small to begin with.

As far as processor speed goes, anything over 2Ghz is well enough

and most server providers are offering good speeds regardless and they

just limit you on the amount of cores you are able to utilize.



This is an easy section as you don’t need a lot of space to store your

bot. Most bots take a couple hundred MB max! In addition to that, storage

space has little to no impact on bot performance. You can get by easily with

a couple GB of space, but for sake of consistency, aim for the smallest size

at about 50GB from your server.

However, here is something that does matter, the type of storage!

There are two different types of storage on the market right now,

mechanical hard drives(HDD) and solid state hard drives(SSD). One is

significantly faster than the other and should be preferred in every scenario.

You want a server that has SSD storage in every circumstance. If your

server provider does not offer SSD storage space on your servers, you

need to switch right now. The only downside with SSD’s is their price, but

that barely comes to light when paying for servers. If you would like to learn

more about the differences, the link below is very useful and is a great



SSD servers give you more speed for everything that is directly tied

to computer storage. That means installing programs, opening applications

and pulling information from the drive. This could quite possibly be an area

that gives you an advantage with your bots because it is able to run quicker

than bots that are on a normal HDD.



I’m not going to go into the specifics of what RAM actually is and how

it works, that’s just not necessary for you to know. However, what is

important to know is how it matters and what we should be paying for as far

as the amount we need goes. RAM is important if we were running multiple

applications at once. For instance, you run a browser, a bot and maybe

Spotify on your computer. All of those things are taking up RAM and are

being accessed through RAM and so the more RAM you have, the more of

those applications you will be able to run at once. If you don’t have enough,

applications have to pull information from a lot farther away in your drive

space, slowing things down considerable.

In our situation, RAM isn’t super important since our servers are

nearly barebone and aren’t running lots of applications other than maybe a

browser and a few bots. For that reason, I would say that 4GB of RAM is

the minimum I would look for in a server, with a ceiling of about 8GB.

Anything more than that and you aren’t even utilizing it for your machine

and it does not give you any more performance.


Network Speed and Location

Network speed and location are one of the most important factors

that determine whether you are able to get 1 pair or 10 pairs of shoes. You

need fast download speed, upload speed and ping.

Download speed is the speed that you are able to pull data to your

computer. This is the most apparent to us because it determines how fast

web pages get loaded on our computers and how fast we are able to

download programs or documents from the internet.

Upload speed isn’t as noticeable to most people as it is the speed at

which your computer sends data to another computer. This is often very

small sized requests and those are naturally sent very fast. Upload speed

is important, but in the grand scheme of things, download and ping are

above It.

There already was a slight description of what ping is above, but here

it is again quickly. Ping is basically your computer’s reaction time. A lower

ping is always better than a higher ping. Anything below 10ms is great and

anything below 20ms is good. Anything higher than that and you are

limiting yourself, but there are good reasons to sometimes have a bit higher

of a ping for other benefits. I will get into that when I talk about proxies.

A reason that I mentioned location is that ping is heavily factored on

  1. If you are in California and are trying to talk to a computer in New York,

naturally it is going to take longer for communication to happen. However, if

you are in San Diego and are trying to talk to a computer in San Francisco,

you are going to be at least ten times faster because of the shorter


If you are able to pick a server provider that is located closer to the

server location of sites you would like to access that puts you one step

ahead of everyone else. It is a small improvement that you would be

looking at, and we are talking about maybe 5­10ms, but it could very well

be the difference between checking out or not.



Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transferred from one

computer to another. This is often included in pricing schemes of some

server providers and it is important to mention. It is a tough number to

calculate and thankfully most server providers give you a really nice

cushion here. Just as a quick example, I had run BetterNikeBot for an

entire week for restocks on Supreme and I used up about 10GB of

bandwidth. This included about 10 separate tasks with proxies.

If we scaled that number up, running 10 tasks for the whole month we

would need about 40GB of bandwidth. So, depending on how much you

are planning on running your bot I think anything around 100GB of

bandwidth would be good enough for most people.


Recommended Server Specifications

OS: Windows

Cores: 4 (2Ghz or higher)


Storage: > 50GB SSD

Network Speed: 1k Down, 1k Up, < 15ms ping

Bandwidth: > 100GB


Recommended Server Providers






Connecting to the Server

As far as connecting to a server goes, they are all very universal. You

have three important fields. The IP, Username and Password and the

information will look like this:

IP 192.xxx.x.xxx

Username Administrator

Password f45gsdrh5!

If you are using the recommended server provider, Vultr, the

username will always be Administrator and the password will be right below

that. You have to click the eye to show the password. All of this information

should be visible to you once your server is finally installed. You can double

click on your server and should see all of this information.

From there you will need a program to Remote Desktop into your new

server. On windows search for RDP and it should be the application called

Remote Desktop Connection or something very similar to that. If you are on

a Mac, I recommend going over to the app store and downloading

Microsoft Remote Desktop. Both applications are very easy to use as all

you have to do is input your information into their respective fields.

  • The server usually takes around only five minutes to install!.
  • You can watch as it installs and it will tell you when ready. Sometimes

the loading status gets stuck and if you refresh the page, it will say

that you server is actually ready.

  • Customer Support is always active, and if you ever have an issue,

they respond within the hour for me. Don’t be afraid to contact them.



Sometimes situations arise and you just don’t have the time to rent a

server, get proxies and set up a bot to get a pair of shoes. This stuff takes

time and that is where these atc services come into play. They take all of

that work and do it for you in exchange for payment. You pay someone

else to do what you would do and they get your address, credit card and

other billing information. Like I explained earlier in the document, you are

giving your information to them to put it in their bot setup and run a slot for


Obviously, it’s going to cost money. Atc services have to pay for

servers, proxies and their own time and so that will sometimes be worth

more that you are willing to pay. On a hot release, atc services are usually

quite pricey since everyone without a bot would be looking at taking

advantage of them. This cost cuts into any sort of profit you would be

looking at if you wanted to resell the item and atc services know this and

price their service accordingly to each release. That is why if you are

looking to profit, atc isn’t what you are normally going to be looking for, but

do your research! Sometimes atc cost is lower with newer services popping

up trying to establish themselves and lots of atc services run deals where

you can win a slot or get a heavily discounted one. If you keep your eyes

open you may get lucky.

Do remember that these services are trying to build brand recognition

and so any usage they are getting that they can tweet out to followers is

good for them.


Recommended ATC services


I highly recommend Instant Carts as they are VTKverified, have very

high success rates and have very good customer service. I have used them

personally and I was not disappointed. If you have any questions before

purchasing, hit them with a direct message and they are happy to help.

When you purchase from them, make sure that you mention you heard

about them from me, @SwiftCop!



If you have not read the quick explanation of what a proxy is from the

beginning of the document, I would highly recommend it. However, here is

a quick refresher. An internet proxy is a middle man to your computer and

another computer. It is used to provide anonymity to the user as it hides

their IP address, MAC address, location and internet traffic habits. This has

many uses and as sneaker enthusiasts we can leverage the advantage that

this anonymity grants us. Something that retailers like to do is to limit pairs

per store account. An easy way around this is to have multiple accounts

that connect from different locations making it appear that they are

separate individuals. For almost all scenarios this works to prevent your

orders from getting canceled for violating their policy. This is why proxies

are so important to us sneakerheads and I am going to explain a couple

thing about proxies to clear up any confusion.



A very important factor to remember when dealing with connecting to

proxies is the fact that you are introducing another level for your internet to

have to go through. Naturally, this creates a delay and it takes longer for

your connection to be able to accomplish tasks. This increases reaction

time when trying to access websites or run your bot and that introduces a

higher ping. Now, if you are purchasing good proxies that are hosted by a

very good provider you will be minimizing the risks of increasing more

delay. Some of the best proxies that I have seen only add about 5­10ms to

your total ping time. However, if you are purchasing cheaper ones from a

lesser known provider you are running the risk having a much higher ping.



This section ties really well with ping as closer locations reduce ping

time. Something that a lot of proxy providers offer is the ability to choose

the location you would like to have your proxies. If you know that you are

trying to purchase from Supreme NYC, their servers are actually located in

Jacksonville, Florida. So if you can get proxies located as close as possible

to that area, you will be faster than other bot users trying to connect from

much further locations.

If you would like to lookup location too, use a WHOIS search. Google

it and you can find tons of providers that take care of it. Just look for

location and you are good from there.



This section is a little bit harder to hit the nail on the head, but it will

give you a good idea of what you should be looking for. For about 10

proxies you are are going to be spending around $30 which comes out to

around $3 per proxy. This is the upper range of what you should be paying

and anything in the $2­$3 range should be considered better proxies. If you

are coming across proxies for around $1 each, then you know you aren’t

getting quality and you need to do your research on them and determine

why they are so cheap. Often, if you buy through a small seller on twitter or

a shady site, you are actually getting non­dedicated proxies that get

banned in an instant by the retailers. There are some exceptions to this

thinking, but just keep it in mind when you notice cheaper than normal

proxies. See below for an explanation of why non­dedicated proxies are not

optimal for our sneaker use.


Dedicated vs Non­Dedicated

The idea vs dedicated and non­dedicated is the same for proxies as it

is for servers. Having a dedicated proxy means that it is only private to you

and you get the maximum speeds that you are paying for. This also means

that you determine the usage of the proxy and if it gets banned, it is on your

own accord. You are not responsible for other people getting your proxy

banned. Other reasons to use private proxies(dedicated) is that non­private

proxies are often filled with other users that may be interested in

intercepting your internet traffic and that is a whole different security issue

that we don’t want to deal with. As resellers we are sending credit card data

over the internet and shared proxies do introduce the risk of someone

taking that data without you even knowing until it’s too late. Just to break it

down for you simply here is a chart comparing the two.

Anonymous Not­Anonymous

Costs more Much cheaper


Recommended Proxy Providers







There are two forms of ‘backdooring’. The one that most of you are

most likely familiar with is the physical version in which sneaker store

employees sell early stock to people for a higher than retail price before

release. If you are one of these people, I bet you are doing just fine.

However, this method isn’t what I want to be focusing on as there is a

virtual method that is called a backdoor as well.

To put it simply, backdooring a site involves creating a specialized

URL for a sneaker that automatically adds an item to your cart and takes

you to the checkout page, skipping the initial page most people would see.

A lot of times this means that you are actually able to checkout the item

before it is even available, but it is quite obvious if you checkout a shoe an

hour before it actually releases. An order like that would be cancelled.

However, if you wait until as close as possible to release and then attempt

to checkout, your chances of having an order cancelled are severely


There are important pieces of this URL that need to be found out

before a release as it isn’t the easiest process if you don’t know what to be

looking for. A lot of times the people who know how to get this link are not

giving it out for free and if they are, you have to be very good friends.



Here we have one of the easiest site to backdoor at the current time.

Shopify is an an ecommerce company the programs point of sale and

online checkout systems for companies to purchase and use. The problem

with Shopify is that is has gotten to the point that it is so large, there is so

much documentation on how to take advantage of it. There are certain sites

that only use Shopify and the backdooring process is the same for them all

since it’s the same system. Sites like Concepts, Bodega, Extra Butter,

BAPE, and Packer Shoes all use Shopify and are relatively easy to


The really funny part is that Shopify almost tells us how to backdoor

them for releases. They help you pre­load your cart and use a permalink to

check out faster. This is useful for companies to have, but we can take

advantage of this knowledge. Below is more information on how to do so.

This is what a pre­loaded permalink for Shopify looks like:


The longer number after the cart is the product ID and the 1 after the

colon is the quantity of the item that you would like. This link would be

slightly different depending on what site you are trying to create the link for.

“Your­store” would be replaced by whatever store you are trying to create

the backdoor for.

So, now that you know that, there are three major things we need.

The store, the product id, and the quantity. Luckily two out of the three are

very easy. As far as the product ID goes, this can be the harder part

especially if the item is not listed.

If the item is already listed, we can do a quick look at the source code

of the webpage to find the product ID of the item we want. When at the

product page, go to the top URL and add “.xml” to the end of it. This should

open up a page that shows a ton of html web code. We are only interested

in a product ID, so scroll down until you see a ton of sizes listed out in the

code. If you take a little bit to skim through and find it, we can pull the

product ID out of the size of the shoe we would like. The product ID will be

different for every size in most situations. If it is the same, then you won’t

be able to actually pick a size and you may need to send a message to

customer support to have your size picked. If it gets to that point though,

you may have your order cancelled because they know how you obtained

that pair.


If you would like to backdoor Solebox, make sure you already have

the link. If you don’t have the live link, then this method will not work. If you

know how to find the early link or the product page is live already, then you

are in the clear. For this tutorial, we will use this product and link:


From here, we want to take a look at the page source again, so take a look

at the picture below:

From here we should see the source of the page and we are only

interested in one thing, the checkout link. Search, use ctrl+f, and look for

the string “addtocart”. You should see the below information:

Copy the link and it should look like this:




We still need to get the correct size added to the cart, so we need to do

some more searching. Using search or ctrl+f, search for the string,


We can see available PID’s here and this is the information we want. There

is only one size available for this shoe, so we can obviously only cart that

one size right now. However, when there are more sizes, they are loaded

into the site. The PID in this case will be for size 45.5 which is 49517. Take the link above, and paste it in the red portion of the link. Take the link

and enter it into your browser. The item should add to your cart and you are

free to checkout whenever you want. The final link is below:




Jimmy Jazz

If you would like to know how to backdoor this site, follow the step

below and you should be able to get any item in your cart. However, do not

checkout until the timer is done, or the item drops. It will get cancelled if

ordered early!

Head over to JJ and look for the link of the item that you want to

backdoor(bd). We will be using the below item for the tutorial:


From here, we want to find the special

product ID for the shoe. To do this, we

can either look at the source, or use

inspect element on the sizes. For this

guide, I will just right click and choose

inspect element over one of the sizes of

the shoe.

This step will pull up a table that looks like this:

Take the item_code for the size that you want and input it into the link

below where the * is:


Your link should look like this for a size 9.5:


Take that link, and enter it into your browser. You should get a page with a

bunch of code on it. Don’t worry, you don’t need to understand it as this

was the last step in the process. Go check your cart now and you should

have the item in cart.

Once again, for this site, do not checkout until the product is live. You will

get cancelled.



*Quick note about this one. Some people report it works, others are

reporting it no longer works. It might be location based, but I am looking

into it. May be patched, so don’t get frustrated trying too hard.

ENDLaunches is a different site as well, these are not the same*

This site is also fairly easy to backdoor as they don’t really hide

anything from you either. The only thing that may be struggle would be

getting the correct size added to your cart, as it is kind of a guessing game.

However, this is how you start the backdoor…take any product with a

release time off of END’s page. You can find them under the ‘Latest’ tab

and under upcoming releases. Click on any of the product under that page

and we may continue from there.

We need to right click on your mouse and select ‘view page source’

again. We should see a ton of HTML code. Don’t be afraid, it is really easy

to read. We need to find the checkout link which is actually really easy to

do! Use your find feature in your browser(control+ f for chrome), and

search for ‘form_key’. You should have 2 results. The first one is not what

we want, we want the second one that is within a script. See below for what

I am looking at. Yours will not look the same as I had to break up the link to

fit it in a nice picture for you.

This is our link! Copy the whole link and paste it into your URL bar,

but do not hit enter or search for it.Take a look at it closely. We will not

change it other than one thing. Do you see where within the url there are

six numbers? We will be replacing the “374454” with another number. This

is where the fun comes in because we actually don’t know the number we

are replacing with. However, we do know is that it is close. We want to try

different numbers that are lower than this number, but within two places of

each other. So, what I mean by that is you take the last two digits of the

PID you have and you go from 18 to 16 to 14 to 12. After doing this myself,

I was able to find the size that loaded in my cart, “374445”. You want to

refresh your cart on END after hitting enter on the link after changing the

number. After some trial and error you should be able to check your cart

and it will look similar to mine. That’s it! All you have to do is checkout and

you are good as long as they don’t cancel, but END does not cancel

backdoor orders as long as you don’t order 2 weeks ahead of time. I have

not tried that, so try with caution. Checking out a few hours before is best


Here is a list of sites that this method has been confirmed to work on(being


http://www.urbanjunglestore.com/ https://www.thegoodwillout.com/

https://www.5pointz.co.uk/ https://en.titolo.ch/


Other Sites

Now, I cannot go on explaining every site backdoor method there is.

However, a reason that I chose to share END with you is that the process

is very similar on sites that do allow backdoored orders. I do not have a list

as it changes all the time, some lose access and others gain access to

being backdoored, but the process is always almost the same. You need

two important things.

  1. The cart link
  2. The PID

Once you have those two things you are able to backdoor maybe

80% of websites. The others take a lot more knowledge and know how that

is almost too in depth for an in depth guide. You need some more

advanced web knowledge of web coding and some scripting to be

successful for these sites. If you have to go through that much trouble

though, there is a high chance that the site would just cancel your order

before release anyways!


Page Monitoring

Now, this is a section that will highlight copping shoes manually. Yes,

you can have the perfect bot setup, perfect proxies and perfect server,

however a lot of the ‘low­key’ sites that drop some releases do not support

bots. There is not enough traffic on these sites for bot creators to support.

However, if you are looking for the bot that supports the most ‘low­key’

sites, refer back to AnotherNikeBot AIO that is linked earlier in this

document. They handle a lot of sites that are not supported by other bots.

If you subscribe to OneStopCop(OSC) already, you already have lists

of all the low­key sites. This section will highlight what you can do with

those to increase your chances of copping manually. However, if you do

not subscribe to OSC, you need to find sites that are dropping your product

that are lesser known. This is often smaller boutique shops and although

they have smaller stocks, they are not tweeted out by the major link

aggregators and chances of being able to successfully purchase increase


Now, let’s assume you have a list of about 50 sites that are releasing

the product you want, be it shoes or clothing. There is no possible way you

will be able to monitor every single one of those sites if they are not telling

you when they are going to let the product go live. A lot of these stores

have such little stock as I said before and would like to have everyone have

a fair shot at purchasing if they are monitoring that store’s page. This is

where the jig comes in.

I am going to mention a

chrome extension that I use to

accomplish the upcoming tasks I

will be talking about and it is called

Distill. Find it at the link below.



Now, let us get started with how to use this amazing extension. What

this will do for you is either monitor a whole webpage for changes, or just a

small selection of the webpage, you pick! You can do even more with it

such as monitoring for certain keywords that update to the page, choose

how often to update the page, send notifications to your phone, email and


To set monitoring up on your computer, you are going to want to go

to the product page of the product that you are trying to buy. This can be

either an actual product page, or it can be a search page specified with

your search terms. For example, take a look at the screenshot below:

This is The Good Will Out, and the page we would have been

monitoring before release. Now, assuming this product did not drop

already, we would have been on this page already and it would have said

coming soon or something of the sort. With Distill, monitoring this page

would have been easy. We would choose, ‘select parts of this page’ in

distill and monitor this section of the product page:

With only this section selected, Distill

would send us a notification if anything in this

area changed. The important thing that we

want to focus on is that we do not want fake

changes in the page to trigger Distill, so we

limit how much we monitor. If we monitor the

whole page, any change at all on the page

will send us an update and that most likely

will be a false update.

Now, that is a process that you repeat

for each site that you would like to monitor. In addition to making sure that

you have the correct portions monitored, we also would like to change the

monitor rate. I would recommend monitoring each page with a 10 second

interval. You can lower the interval, but that increases the amount of false

notifications if the page is updating frequently.

Now, if there is not a product page, you can still use Distill! Nearly

every site has a search bar or search page and we can do the same

process depicted above to that page as well. Input the product you are

interested in on the site, and make sure to hit enter to search for it. On

TGWO, this is what that page looks like:

We can do the same process above for this page as it will update

with any product that releases under my search terms, which was just

“nmd”. In this case, the product went live already and is showing, however

if it was not live and if we were monitoring this page we would have been

updated. For this page it is important to monitor the whole page as we do

not know where the shoe will pop up here. You may get some false alerts if

others shoes load, but you will be just have to be willing to deal with a few

of those if you are monitoring web pages for changes!

As far as monitoring goes, that is the extent of what you need to

know. It is very easy and the initial time it may take to set up about 25

websites might be 25 minutes, but it is worth it if no bots can run on the

site. You will get updates before the major tweeters even know about it and

you will be one of the first few in line ready to cop.



Now, as far as restocks are concerned, you can use the same setup

you were using to initially monitor the sneakers if you were using Distill. If

you had monitored only part of the page, you will have to go back into the

Distill settings and change the parts you want to monitor after the item has

sold out. If you were monitoring the whole page, you will still get a

notification for the item restocking on the site.

I recommend letting distill run 24/7 for all possible restocks. This is

the only way to know about any as by the time it would get tweeted out,

stock will be sold out.



Whenever I mention ‘footsites’ keep in mind that I am talking about

the four major retailers Foot Locker, Finishline, Champs and Footaction.

These sites often release most releases that drop on Nike and they also

have their own special models that release along with specialized

colorways. As far as these sites go, there are some tips that you should

look into following if you are trying to purchase lot of pairs off of these sites.

The foot sites only allow one purchase per person, but obviously we

know ways around this! To get multiple pairs off one site such as Foot

Locker this is what we need to be successful in getting multiple pairs:

No matter if you have ANB, EasyCop, BNB or any other bot, there is

a chance of getting your orders cancelled if you are buying more than one

pair. If you do the following steps, you should not have a problem.

The key to getting multiple pairs is to make it look like there is a

different person ordering every shoe. Every account that you run should be

on a different proxy. So if you are running 10 accounts on Footlocker, you

want 10 different proxies. You don’t have to worry about using them on

other sites as there is no way to tie them together that way. Feel free to use

those same 10 proxies on another foot site. By using a proxy for each

account, it looks like whoever purchased that shoe is coming from different

locations. This is the first key.

The next thing that you are going to want to take care of is to use a

guest account or a mix of guest accounts and real accounts. With guest

accounts there is no way of them knowing that you have made the

purchase on another guest account unless they tie your information

together from something else that identifies you such as address, credit

card or IP address.

A major cause leading to cancelled orders is having 10 pairs of shoes

shipped to the same looking address. This is immediately flagged in the

system and then most likely cancelled by the system itself, or they have an

employee that goes through and cancels these multiple orders. If you do

not want to be caught by the automatic system, then you can do something

that has been confirmed working for a while now. You want to change up

small instances in your address. This include changing small parts of your

address that still make the item deliverable, but make it look different to an

automatic system. Thing like Road can be changed to Rd., Street to St.,

and many others. Another tip that I have seen people use is to add a

second line for their address and add something similar to Room B, or

Room A. The address can remain the same, you are just adding this

distinction so it makes it appear that there are actually multiple people living

in the household! Don’t abuse this by making it look like you have one room

for every single letter in the alphabet as I am unsure if that would work. Use

sparingly for more success.

One last key is to use a separate credit card for every order. Your

billing address can be the same, however you want to make sure the

shipping address is the one being switched up. One card per order means

you should be using as many cards as possible per each site. If you have 5

cards, you can get away with 5 pairs on each of the sites giving you a total

of about 20 pairs. Now, if you want a trick to get as many cards as you

want, take a look at the next section.


Privacy ­ Multiple Cards ­ International Purchases

If you are not aware, there is a recently started company that is

basically a reseller’s dream. This service allows you to create a unique card

number for every purchase. Yes, you heard that right. You can have as

many cards as you would like! Below is the link to take a look at the site.

It is currently invite only, but if you DM them on Twitter they give you

access! Then you are allowed to refer only one other person to the service.

It is very low­key right now.

All this service does is connect to your bank account and it is able to

pull money from there to add funds to a card that you can choose as a

burner card or as a card with a limited amount of funds. You install the

chrome extension to help you along the way and it appears in credit card

entry locations on whatever site you are trying to purchase from.

To use it in association with a shoe bot, you should create multiple

cards with a specified amount to be most successful and then you may

have as many cards as you like. If you have questions, feel free to send

them an email or DM as they are very customer service oriented and they

solve all issues very quickly!


International Shipping ­ Reshippers

If you did not know already, there is an easy way to have purchases

from companies that only ship to EU or UK to ship to the US. Yes, you

have to go through another service, but it is fairly simple. For those

releases on sites such as Adidas EU or UK that do not ship to US, these

companies are vital to our success. To break it down simply, you register

an account with these companies, they give you a specialized address to

use that works in the specified location that you need it to work in, you have

your item shipped their, they ship the item to you in the US after you pay a


Very simply to use and the costs are not terribly high. One company

called ReShip charges a $5 sign­up fee and then $5 per package that you

need shipped. Here is a quick breakdown of their prices and fees.

Additional price and fees can be found at their site below:

Now, this is not the only service that does this. I cannot list them all

however I do know that this is one of the most popular. You can take a

search around the find a service that you prefer, but I am just opening your

eyes up to the possibility of a reshipping service. This means that you can

now participate in all international releases and drops, this is huge! Try to

keep this method on the down­low as very many people are not aware that

this is a possibility and a lot of releases are actually easier internationally.

One more thing to keep in mind is that you most likely need an EU or UK

form of payment to be able to purchase shoes in these locations! However,

if you are using Privacy from the above section, they actually support

international sales. There are other services that do the same such as


To save you some time, here is a list I compiled of other sites that perform

the same service.

Web Page Source Checking ­ Shopify

If you did not know already, it is very easy to check the

stock/inventory of an item on certain sites. One of the easiest is certainly

shopify sites since that info is visibly available to us. You can take a look at

the source code, but if you just are not feeling that, here is a better way.

Download the below chrome extension:


Whenever you are on a Shopify site, you can click on the barcode

extension that is now in your extension bar and check the inventory of any

product! Here is what it would look like for a random item that I pulled up.

If the site is not Shopify it will not work. However if you would like to

try it on another site, you have to do so manually. If you are feeling spicy,

go check a random shoe store online and look at the source code of the

page. Just right click and select view source. If there is a table that lists out

all the sizes available for the shoe, there is most likely an inventory count

available for you to see as well. You just have to look closely!


Bot Usage Tips

There is a lot to cover in this section and so I will just bullet point

some of the more important concepts to keep in mind. If you have any

questions, feel free to drop it in the Q & A document here:

  • Let’s start with the most basic, if you are using a bot, you should be

using a server and proxy for maximum results. Checkout the server

and proxy section above again if you happened to skip it.

  • A bot does not guarantee you a shoe, ever! It only increases your


  • Sometimes keywords are not available for a release. Use your head!

If a site is dropping a White NMD runner from Adidas, you can bet

that Adidas+NMD+runner is going to be a very good set of keywords.

Double check the site to make sure no other item would match these

keywords first though as you can accidentally check out another

shoe. You do not have to rely on bot creator’s keywords as they just

use the same logic most of the time.

  • If you only have 10 proxies, you should really only be running 20

tasks max. The more tasks/proxy, the slower your proxies connection

speed will be.

  • As a caveat to the above bullet, you want to have as many tasks as

possible for more chances. If you can run 20 tasks for one site, you

can bet you are going to get some successful checkouts. You have to

play the odds. You would want at least 10 proxies for 20 tasks. Just

remember, 2 tasks per proxy. ● If you need multiple emails for account creation take this tip…

SwiftCop@gmail.com is the same as SwiftCop+1@gmail.com. All

mail is forwarded to the main email. You can do this with any number.

SwiftCop+34556@gmail.com will still work the same way. Most sites

recognize it as a new user!

  • You can also do this: Swift.Cop@gmail.com or

S.w.i.f.t.c.o.p@gmail.com. It all is routed to the main email address

and is also recognized as a new user.

  • This is not bot related, but you can use the above email tip to hoard

tons of Adidas 15% off coupons from their sign up bonus. These

codes can be used on restocks and some really nice shoes


  • Take a look at your checkout delay settings in your bot. Sometimes

they are a little too slow and you want to increase your chances of

purchasing, so lower is better. However, if you go too low, and a site

cancels orders, they will most likely recognize that you were using a

bot and cancel. ANB is more complicated to change, but for BNB

users, you can easily change your delay from 1000ms ­ 3000ms(1

second ­ 3 seconds). Remember, lower is faster! Keep it low because

I would much rather have an order cancelled than an order not go

through because the item is sold out.

  • When purchasing Supreme and the keywords do not work, as they

often do, be ready to get the link of the product. If you can enter the

early link in your bot fast enough, your bot still check out faster than

manual! Swift fingers are important!

  • Always start your bot 5­10 minutes before a release. That lets you get

logged in, it gives you more of a chance if the site goes down and you

can test that your proxies are connected and that the tasks are setup


  • Early links are always better than keywords!
  • 403 forbidden means you got your proxy banned. If you don’t use

proxies, then you got your own IP banned.

  • If you are hopping to and from server instances, make sure you are

backing up your data! It saves so much more time and you do not

have to re­enter card details every time you want to re­install your


  • You can let your bot run for restocks if you do not mind burning

proxies. Some people run their bots 24/7 hoping for a restock and

guess what, some people cook! Nicekicks is an example of a site that

restocks often and people eat up those restocks like nothing. If you

don’t run your bot, you don’t have a chance! Proxies are cheap

compared to the shoes that you have a potential to make a profit on.


How to know whether to sleep or buy

A huge part of the game is being able to determine what releases you

should be going all in on, and what releases you should be avoiding all

together. Just as a sign of caution, this can be tricky at times! Let’s take a

look back at the Nike Air Max x Supreme collaboration from a few weeks

ago now. At first it seemed like an amazing opportunity to make some

money. Nike and Supreme? Holy Cow! However, there were a couple

pieces of information that you had to pay attention to in order to know if you

should have bought or not. Here are some things to consider when thinking

about going all in, or watching from the sidelines.



One of the most important factors to take into consideration is how

much the item will cost at retail price. Let’s take a look at how the resell

market was a few years ago with Nike pricing Jordans around the $150

mark. According to documents released today(6/1/16) by StockX, the total

amount made by resellers in December of 2014 was about 1.3 million

dollars. The year after the resell market only profited about 400 thousand

dollars during the same time frame. You can find more info here:

Now, what is different between the two years that would cause a one

million dollar price difference? Think about it! Nike recently started raising

its retail prices as well as stock numbers and it has been hurting the resell

market bad. Jordan’s used to be bread and butter, but they have

diminished to smaller profits and now you really have to take into

consideration what releases you are going for because of the high retail

cost. Margins are becoming slimmer and profit is becoming more risky.

If the retail cost is too high, resell will also be high, but you will have

less buyers willing to purchase at those higher prices unless that item is

really worth something or it is an exclusive item. Most people are not going

to pay more than $400 for a general release Jordan and I think that is

something we all can agree on. Why pay so much for something that

everyone else will have?

So, if the item is not exclusive, has near unlimited production, or has

no kind of draw, a high retail price is most likely going to kill any resell. Let’s


take a look at an item that contradicts this viewpoint. The Jordan 4

Premium sneakers that have been releasing are retailing around $400. And

that is expensive as far as retail is concerned. However, guess what….they

are extremely limited, they have huge draw because of their specialized

materials and they are exclusive. These shoes resell for about $700 at the

current market rate and are an exception to the typical high retail cost

theory that I mentioned before. It’s all about analyzing the item to see if

those categories match an item that would typically resell.

Just to give you an example of an item that fits right into this model

that you should not buy, take a look at the Supreme Vans that dropped a

few weeks ago. Some people thought resell was going to be very good,

however I just looked on in disappointment. Taking a look at the shoe, first

of all, the price was way more expensive than a typical pair of Vans. Huge

flag! There is no kind of draw to the shoe. Why would you want to own

them? They do have a Supreme logo on the back, but other than that, they

are about as plain as can be. That is awesome as far as wearability is

concerned, but we are concerned with resell. We all know that they only

released at Supreme retail locations as well as online. They were limited in

production, but the other two factors outweighed this fact. Just because

something is limited, does not mean it will resell! Remember back when

Cam’ron released the Reebok Purple Ventilator and it was limited to some

200 pairs. However, resell was dead a week after release. There was no

draw to the shoe even though production was limited and retail was a very

reasonable price. Just take a look at the item analytically and see if the

factors that determine resell align with similarly priced items. It is tough at

first, but eventually you will be able to see how retail affects resell.



In the previous section I had mentioned that a lower quantity does not

imply a higher resell value. This is very true, but it is not normal. There are

very few cases where something is highly limited and it does not have a

market. I don’t think I can list too many examples, so I will spare you the


In general, if an item is limited, go for it. Chances are there are

people that wanted the item, but because of the limited market, they lucked

out and are looking to pay resell. Just do not take lower production

numbers as the only factor in determining if an item will have resell or not.

Keep in mind price and the uniqueness of the item.



Here we have one of the most important factors in determining resell

prices. You have to know where to look if you want to figure this out. There

are different markets and different groups interested in different releases.

One site may cater towards more flashy items, while another site is really

into the jean jackets or something. Know how to look around! You have to

hawk Twitter, Reddit, NikeTalk and any other place you can find people

talking about the drop. You need to see the most hyped items and mark

them down. The more hype around an item, the more people are trying to

purchase. With more people trying to purchase, the more failures there are

going to be. That all translates over to a higher valued resell market for the

item and steady prices, which is very good for us! That is the extent of this

section as it just takes time to learn how to dig for hype. You will learn if

you just read reactions, first impressions and maybe even YouTube videos.



This is one of those factors that is really in the middle. A high pre­sale

price does not necessarily mean the item is guaranteed to have a high

resell price. However, it is a very good indication of what people are willing

to pay. If there are preorders for an item up and they are not being sold,

just sitting there, that is a sign that the price posted is too high, or the item

is not hyped enough. If either of these are true, it might be best to avoid.

For nearly every release there is going to be items that get sold early,

posted online before the drop or just somehow fall off a truck. This is a very

good way to see how the market price will be set as a lot of preorders

actually set market price since they are listed first. Just keep it in mind and

check eBay as it has one of the largest user bases to judge off of.


Where and How to Sell Quickly

Some of this information may be known already, but I do want to

cover it so that it is still documented information. So, assuming you got the

purchase, you got the order confirmation and you are in the clear…what do

you do now? I have an answer for you, list the item right away! No, it is not

in hand yet, but here is the thing. With limited releases and even general

releases, the amount of hype during the same day of launch is much higher

than any other time. Those that strike out go right to the resellers and look

to secure their pair the same day.

If you list your pair the same day of the drop, your chances of selling

your pair before you have them in hand is extremely high. If you start sitting

on your shoes past a week after the drop, you are doing something very

wrong! After about the first week, no one is hyped about the release

anymore, collectors already have their pairs and you are selling to people

that are really late to the game. Those people that are late are also much

more willing to wait for a lower price to fall into their lap. So in the end, if

you don’t list right away, you will be getting less money!

On the day of the release, you have your order confirmation and the

shoe type that you ordered. That is enough information to sell the item on

most sites and you just need to remember to block out any order numbers

so your order does not get cancelled before it even gets to you.

As far as sites go, you want to hit up every site possible. Now that

includes eBay, Twitter, Facebook groups and craigslist. I know there are

more, but these are some of the most popular and it will help you so much

to get your pair sold. As far as pricing goes, you don’t want to heavily

undercut other buyers. That leads to less money for you, less money for

them and you are also helping to decrease the price of the overall item as

well. Undercut slightly and you will still pull interested buyers. If anyone

makes a good offer, you can always take that as well.

After all of that, and you didn’t sell your shoe within the first few days,

you are in a bit of trouble. You will want to really step your game up to get

the item sold now. From here you need to make sure to take updated

photos of the item you are trying to sell, update your listings, update your

price and push it out as fast as possible. In nearly every case, the price of a

shoe never increases unless it is over a time frame of multiple months. It is

never a good idea to sit on an item or a pair of shoes unless they are

already super valuable.

To sum it all up in a simple paragraph, sell same day, even before

you get the shoes. Sell with a competitive price and if you get a good offer,

take it. It will be the highest offer you will receive since it is the day or a few

days after the drop. Post your item everywhere you can and increase



Protecting Yourself When Selling Online

If you don’t already know, the internet is full of cheaters, scams

and others that really don’t care about you or your money. Sadly, this is

how things are sometimes and as resellers, this is something that we also

have to deal with. There are very sophisticated scammers, and then there

are just people that don’t know what they are doing, but they still get away

with it. The way the system is setup currently, the buyer is always right.

This is the case for any PayPal transaction, any eBay transaction and any

other transaction

basically everywhere. The seller almost always takes the fault, however,

we can do things to mitigate this risk and actually protect ourselves.

The first thing that will really help you is tagging your pictures. If you

take a piece of paper, write your username on it, and place it in the photos

you are using to sell the item, that proves you own the item. In addition, if

you can make it look nicer, it helps other people trust you since they can

confirm you actually have the item. It is good for a buyer’s peace of mind.

The second thing is to properly describe the item you are selling.

Whether it is through an eBay description, a PayPal invoice or another

site…. you absolutely need to make your description clear, concise and

apparent to what you are trying to do. You are trying to sell a highly limited

item for a certain price and you need to portray that as accurately as

possible. Leave no room for error to have PayPal or anyone else to find

you at fault for a bad sale.

The above items were before a sale, however there are a number of

things you can do the protect yourself after the sale is made. One of the

most important things to remember is that if you are selling through PayPal

or eBay, you need to use signature confirmation to be eligible for seller

protection through both services after a certain price point. That price point

is about $250 and that is essentially resale on any general resell Jordan, so

you need to be purchasing signature confirmation on nearly every shoe you


If the item you are selling is worth a bit more and you are worried

about it becoming damaged in the mail, you can include insurance, but that

really does not do anything for you and your mail carrier will find every way

to not get you that money. It usually isn’t the best idea to purchase the

insurance since your package will most likely be good upon arrival as long

as you packaged it correctly.

Another thing that you need to take care of if the item is expensive or

over the $400 mark or so…record yourself packing the item! Print your

shipping label, show that in a video as you package the item in the shipping

container. Send this video as evidence if anything ever comes up. Leave it

on your computer for a bit and if you don’t have to use it, even better! It is

your own personal insurance.

As far as purchases over $500 go, I really recommend trying to get

that cost gifted, or friends and family. Here is the thing, if the item is bought

with anything else, a chargeback is very possible. And you won’t get it right

away, you will get it a few weeks down the line when you think you are in

the clear…If you sold your pair of Yeezy’s for 1k to someone and a few

weeks later you get a chargeback, you are going to be hurting, no doubt

about it. Try and get the cost gifted to give you peace of mind because a

buyer can open up a case up until 40 or so days.

Do the above and you should be protected as much as possible. In

many cases the above are enough and if you are not fully comfortable with

it, then stick to selling locally. There is still a huge local market if you are in

a city and you can take home even more money since you are getting

straight cash and don’t have to pay any seller fees.

Taxes and Fees

Just to enlighten you about a topic that I think

too many people ignore… seller fees. When you are selling online, you are

losing at least 10% of the sale to your selling platform, that is almost always

guaranteed. Now, if you can circumvent that by selling only through PayPal

invoice, selling locally and selling on Facebook groups, you will be able to

keep more money in your pocket. But, there is one important thing to

remember…platforms such as eBay are almost always worth it because

they open your item up to a much wider audience. If you have international

sales enabled as well as being able to use the international shipping center

selected, you are opening a whole other market up for selling. In some

situations, the 10% is worth the cost. But keep in mind it isn’t always.

One other thing to consider if you are selling on eBay, is opening up a

store. If you sell enough to pay the $20 a month for an eBay store, you can

get a few percentages of fees taken off of your total. You also get some

other benefits, but reducing fees for only $20 a month is a really good


In addition to the seller fees, remember that shipping comes out of

your total profit too, so whenever you get the chance, choose the best

option for the item you are selling. Always get signature confirmation, but if

you can purchase a slower shipping speed to save you a couple bucks, go

for it! USPS shipping speeds are all very good even for the cheapest

standard shipping option. Personally, I like to ship priority since I like to

have my buyer get the item as soon as possible, less time I have to worry

about it.

Another thing to think about, there are also taxes to take care of. In

case you didn’t know, you are legally obligated to report any earnings to the

IRS. At the end of the year you should be paying taxes on the profit you

make selling shoes. Now, here is where things get tricky. PayPal records

all of your transactions and reports them at the end of the year. You are

going to get a document from them that shows how much you should be

reporting to the IRS. What you should be doing, is tracking all of your sales

that you are making, how much gross and how much profit. You need this

information to claim that not all the money that entered your PayPal was

entirely profit. Otherwise you are looking at a very expensive bill from the

IRS and you do not want that. If you don’t think you can handle that, you

can outsource the work to a financial consultant and they can help you take

care of that, but it is very serious business.

If you are only making a couple thousand for the year on reselling,

the risk isn’t too high for getting caught. However, if you are pulling in like

20k a year and the bank and the IRS do not know where that is coming

from…that will lead to an investigation that will have you paying a nice fine

and a large bill. I know we are all in it for the big bucks, so if you are only

making a couple thousand a year, you need to step your game up.

In summary, reduce fees, reduce shipping costs, ship with signature

confirmation, record your sales in an excel spreadsheet and pay your