The blog has gone to the wayside because we have been so busy hustling absolutely every product that comes our way, so apologies for the lack of updates ! We were the original resell group out there but now there is many clones of RSC however no one is like us; we are a family who work together like no other group. The trust and positive nature¬†between the members is something special that can only be experienced to truly understand the impact RSC has. We have went from a small website collecting Yeezys to a mastermind group of extremely talented businessmen and street hustlers; there is no market we don’t have our hands in at any given time. No longer do we seek twitter fame or engage in drama online because we are above it and prosper because of that.


That being said our success has been numerous, especially during the last Yeezy 750 release where we accumulated approximately 300 pairs among our members. The influence we have on the resell market is vast but more importantly we are letting tons of sneakerheads fulfil their dreams of finally owning the most coveted sneaker in the world. No longer do we advertise memberships because we have reached our member cap with almost 0% turnover; that is an absolutely astonishing number in the world of business and we will not ever be fractured as long as their is a dollar to be made.



Stay eating!